“Good people are increasingly hard to find, and few organisations are willing to take the plunge and invest in their staff appropriately to create the next generation of leaders.” At the CloudStratex Talent Academy, we tap into talent and build it step by step with support & development through our training pathways.

When starting out, most companies often find that the people working for them are passionate believers who just want to support the business in thriving. We believe that our employees careers are the successes of our business. The Talent Academy started with zero employees just last year and has now grown to nine individuals since its birth, each in critical roles with key responsibilities within CloudStratex who have taken our raw ideas and turned them into more than just a reality, whilst being encouraged to offer up their own thoughts and passions.

By offering opportunities for growth in several distinct areas within the business and their future careers, we grow and nurture our employees skills and help in closing the skills gap to produce individuals with an expansive breadth of knowledge on our organisation which consequently permits them to offer valuable insights that cultivate & strengthen their position. An initial acknowledgement of how individuals learn is critical to achieving positive outputs from our training pathways that help our employees understand the business value created through the services we provide.

An example of this is the creation of the CloudStratex Talent Academy website, created from the bottom up by our very own Talent Academy generation of leaders – our Gen Ls as we like to call them. The website is the latest step in a restructuring that sees our organisation investing in talent to ensure that we are in the best possible place for our clients. It has been designed to support the development of top IT talent and showcases our training offers of funded technical and business professional qualifications and certification.

People want to know who they are applying to work for and what opportunities will come their way. Our website was created from the perspective of these people which is why it is full of key information, pictures and videos that help to establish a real desire in people to work for an organisation such as ours. Not only is it a tool for the future generation of leaders looking to get into tech, but also a portal for businesses looking to hire professionally trained and highly skilled IT staff, as well as provide access to the firm’s homegrown training pathways.

The CloudStratex Talent Academy- showcasing talent, cultivating success

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