When I first read about CloudStratex, I was interested in their approach, particularly the fact that even though it is an IT start up, they were encouraging people with different backgrounds to apply. Some of our Gen-L’s or generation of leaders have studied STEM subjects but we also have people who have studied humanities, languages and business. We also have different levels of industry and work experience. This diversity is important as it creates a team who can collaborate, using different approaches, ideas and technique, to solve problems and create solutions internally and for clients. 

At CloudStratex, we value mindset and attitudes. We look for people who are able to work independently , as well as in a team. Are you able to take the initiative and see the opportunities for change? Are you able to handle ambiguity? How do you approach a problem and come up with ideas to solve it? Having said that, we are also looking for people who have more technical skills. However, those soft skills identified before remain equally as important.  

It is also very important to get bright, young people into the IT industry. The Talent Academy is CloudStratex’s answer to the global talent shortage. We are facing a skills crisis in the UK and developing digital skills is high up on the agenda. It is the responsibility of companies to invest in their people and help create the workforce and leaders of the future. It is something we feel strongly about in the Talent Academy and Fred Flack, who leads it, has written several pieces on this topic. Check out the CloudStratex LinkedIn page to see some of these articles and find out more. Regardless of your prior experience, we offer training to all in the Talent Academy, both in core areas as well as specific to your role. This provides you support for your role as well as helping you develop a breadth of skills for the future. Read more about that in our most recent blog post

You also have the opportunity to work with and learn from experienced practitioners who have great knowledge of industry and problems. Over the 8 months I have been part of the team, I have learnt a lot through conversations with the team and wider Associate Network. Even without prior technical expertise, I have more insight and understanding of why we do what we do to help clients as well as how technology interacts with people and process. You can learn so much from others and everyone on the team is also happy to offer guidance and help based from their experience.  

If this sounds like something you are interested, please apply! 

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