Initial Assessment

Online CV Submission​

Your CV will be screened to provide background on what we have seen after your motivation screening.​
We are looking for evidence to back the character and interest we would love to have taken from your motivation screening.

Motivation Screening

Online Questionnaire​

(10 minutes)
Understand your background experience and interest in the company.​

Online Questionnaire​

(10 minutes)
Understand your background experience and interest in the company.​

Looking for : Initiative
Interested in:

Your background experience and the values and approach  demonstrated through it. ​

Your practical interest in role/s we have to offer and availability.​

A mindset that fits our culture.​


Research our values and culture​.

Take initiative to gain as much information as you can.

Phone Interview

20 Minute Phone Interview

Looking for: Understanding

Get to know your expectations and understanding of the role.​

Your interest in sectors you have expressed interest in​

How you approach and solve problems​


Research the company IP, culture and values​

The role and think about the value you can bring​

The relevant sector or area you are applying for​

Be yourself.

Video Interview

30 Minute Video Interview

Looking for: Character & Capability

Practical evidence and demonstrations of your ability to solve problems in your previous field and the field you are applying for​

Adequate research to understand problems you may encounter and a demonstration of the steps required to find solutions​

Ability to handle clients, and  work within a team when problem solving​

Demonstration of an approach that fits our culture through your interaction​

Interest in the company and its members through well thought out and genuine questions to staff where possible.​


Do your research and ask questions​

Think about how you can bring value to any scenario and context given or queried on​

Be yourself and show and genuine interest in others – who are interviewing you or being assessed with you.

Offer Call

Phone Call

Looking for: Mutual expectations and interest

 Checking a mutual agreement and avid interest in the role expectations, logistics, values and employment offer.​

Answer any questions you may have on the employment offer and the company​

Get any necessary details to initiate a formal offer and preparing congratulations to you so we can tell the team!​


Be honest and curious and ask practical questions

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