Who We Are

The Talent Academy is a way for you to offer value to the business and our clients by presenting new ideas and  interacting with our network of experienced practitioners to make things happen.
This is not a scheme where you have to tick pre-determined boxes to progress – this is an opportunity to work with a range of people from your Talent Academy peers to experienced practitioners and founders.

We are practical and professional

We want creativity! If you see an opportunity for change, take it!

We are honest and face things head on

Why the Talent Academy?

We know that there are bright, capable people with diverse skill sets out there who can bring fresh perspectives to help solve the IT problems of today – they just need the opportunity to show it.


We provide you opportunities to:

Get involved with different practices and projects depending on your interests

Complete training and industry standard certifications.

Work with experienced members of our team and learn from them.

Our Values


Focus & Contribute.

Integrity in all we do.


Have a thirst for knowledge and work on continuous self- improvement.

It’s OK not to know, but not OK not to ask


Demonstrate value everyday- take the work seriously, but not yourself.


Challenge ourselves to do the right thing for the client- “we” not “I” or “you” attitude.

Our Talent

Rosie Karakusevic Resourcing Administrator
I work with the operations team to resource our projects.
BA History, UCL
Fun Fact: I took part in an army competition.
Dom Parker Technical Analyst
I work with the operations team to manage and maintain the IT systems we use to run the business.
BSc Mathematics, University of Exeter.
Fun Fact: I’ve taught maths to the children of a royal family.
Meghna Shah Service Desk Analyst
I work with external clients to improve knowledge and service processes.
BSc Mathematics, Coventry University
Fun Fact: I know too much Harry Potter trivia.
Blessing Taiwo Knowledge Analyst
Currently working with clients to improve their knowledge and process management.
BSc Nutrition – Masters Public Health, Kings College
Fun Fact: I competed in a cheerleading competition while at university.
Matthew Dowley Service Desk Analyst
I work with clients to improve their processes so they can become more efficient.
BA International Business with Spanish, Sheffield Hallam
Fun Fact: I lived in Spain for 1.5 yrs.
Hollie Dittmer Finance Analyst
I work with the operations team to manage company finances and client projects.
BSc Biological Sciences, University Of Leeds
Fun Fact: I have climbed the three highest mountains in the UK in 24 hrs.
Callum Parker Sales Analyst
I work alongside those involved with sales opportunities and the consultants that deliver them to streamline the sales process.
BA International Business and China Studies, University of Liverpool
Fun Fact: I lived in China for a year.
Lucy Roper Graphic Designer
I create visual and brand collateral for CloudStratex and the Talent Academy. I also create graphics and implement new designs for digital platforms.
BFA - M.A Design & Visual communication
Fun Fact: I'm half British and half Taiwanese, but was brought up in New Zealand
Anna Hyland Service Management Analyst
I work with the Service Management team to streamline processes
BA Politics and International Relations
Fun Fact: I abseiled off the most bombed hotel in the world
Irene Kim Service Management Analyst
Working on the LSEG Data Verification Project
BSc Economic History, LSE
Big foodie and love to cook!
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